Eagle Eye Williamson is a 7th generation Texas from Austin who creates original blues/vintage rock music playing drums, guitar and singing at the same time. 

KUTX 98.9- Austin, Tx

2/2/2016- Eagle played in KUTX studio 1A

"Local Austin musician, Eagle Eye Williamson stopped by Studio 1A on Tuesday and showcased his skills as he tore through his songs with his natural gusto. Williamson has been putting on shows in Austin for quite sometime, as a multi-instrumentalist, there are few that can match him in playing ability. Williamson draws his name from an experience where he lost sight in one of his eyes at the age of fifteen, seeing that many of his blues idols combined their last name to a characteristic about themselves, Eagle Eye was born. Williamson’s music has a sound that has deep, grainy vocals that pair perfectly with his gritty guitar riffs that lead into intricate solos that could melt steel. Williamson’s sound brings up comparisons of Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as Gary Clark Jr., it’s clear that Williamson is a fellow torch bearer in Austin’s blues/rock scene".

Andrew Conroy- Austin's KUTX 98.9