Eagle Eye Williamson is a 7th generation Texas from Austin who creates original blues/vintage rock music playing drums, guitar and singing at the same time. 


"A lone man sits behind a stripped down drum kit with a guitar at the ready. What issues forth from this unexpected configuration is sublime. Eagle Eye Williamson is Texan to the core. You can hear it in his molten voice, one that sounds like lonesome prairies and whiskey-soaked juke joints. You can hear it in the warm wash of his guitar, which he plays solely off the fret board, pulling and hammering each fuzzy lick. You can hear it in his songs, self-penned tunes that are redolent of blues-infused rock – think ZZ Top, Junior Kimbrough or Jimmy Reed. And when he’s played his last note, you’ll want more."

Telluride Blues and Brews Festival


KUTX 98.9- Austin, Tx

2/2/2016- Eagle played in KUTX studio 1A

"Local Austin musician, Eagle Eye Williamson stopped by Studio 1A on Tuesday and showcased his skills as he tore through his songs with his natural gusto. Williamson has been putting on shows in Austin for quite sometime, as a multi-instrumentalist, there are few that can match him in playing ability. Williamson draws his name from an experience where he lost sight in one of his eyes at the age of fifteen, seeing that many of his blues idols combined their last name to a characteristic about themselves, Eagle Eye was born. Williamson’s music has a sound that has deep, grainy vocals that pair perfectly with his gritty guitar riffs that lead into intricate solos that could melt steel. Williamson’s sound brings up comparisons of Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as Gary Clark Jr., it’s clear that Williamson is a fellow torch bearer in Austin’s blues/rock scene".

Andrew Conroy- Austin's KUTX 98.9 


{Off The Cuff} The Coolest One Man Band You’ll Ever See

Posted by Brad Beheler on Tue, March 08, 2011 · Off the Cuff · 1 Comment

I must admit that I’ve seen so much music that at times I become jaded and feel like I’ve seen just about everything.  I was in a rut just like that recently when someone e-mailed me a clip of a guy named Eagle Eye Williamson performing at Gruene Hall.  They told me it was the most awesome one man band they’d ever seen.

One man band I thought….”I’ve seen one man bands before and they tend to be lame.”

But, something convinced me to open the link and venture to YouTube.  A few mere seconds later I sat mesmerized as I watched this guy with Hunter S. Thompson glasses, a scraggly beard and stringy hair fiddle with a complex set of instruments surrounding him.  I was intrigued as I watched him adjust his pedal board and I wondered what would happen next.  He was starting to lay into an extended groove that sounded as if it was being created by a four piece band.  He paused for one more adjustment, then all of a sudden…it was one of those goosebump inducing musical moments.  Pouring out of the speakers was a soulful voice that was equal parts Gregg Allman and Robert Plant’s lower register.  Below is the video I was forwarded…I’m sure you’ll feel the same way I did after you watch it.  Below that video is a short film about Eagle Eye’s life and art.